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Nami, Cat Burglar

December 10, 2010

One Piece Nami Magic Card

First up is Nami. Let’s see… She’s a navigator; greedy, cunning and manipulative; a slipery thief; and has excellent knowledge of the weather… Blue in a cinch.

For this iteration, I chose her thief aspects. For those in the know, ‘Cat Burglar’ is just the label given by the Marines. She’s about as genetically feline as DC’s Catwoman, so is not a Cat creature type along the lines of Kha or Leonin. The Japanese form of the epithet can also mean man stealer.

As I mentioned before, the watermark in the background (in this case, the Straw Hat Pirates jolly roger) has significance to gameplay… We’ll learn about that in a little bit.

Art image from One Piece Wallpaper.

One Piece expansion symbol modified from here.