Phoenix Wright & Miles Edgeworth

Phoenix Wright Magic Card

Objection Magic Card

Miles Edgeworth Magic Card

Hold It Magic Card

The Ace Attorney series has long been a staple of gamer memes, but this batch was most recently inspired by this guest comic at Dueling Analogs.

Phoenix and Miles are skilful lawyers on their own, but if they were ever on the same team the Take That!s would be phenomenal, you’d be lucky to get anything into play edgewise for the rest of the game. Oh and Hold It! is red because, Ricochet Trap. So there.

And yeah, they’re Advisors like most of the lawyerish creatures throughout MtG history (including a few from the Azorius Senate).

And as a bonus, animations of the instants modified from Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright Gifs:

Objection Magic Card gif

Hold It Magic Card gif

And my earliest introductions to Phoenix Wright lollery below the fold:

One of the countless dubbed over Pheonix Wright animations:

Boot to the head:

And a beautiful wallpaper that was my favourite for some time by VG Cats:


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4 Responses to “Phoenix Wright & Miles Edgeworth”

  1. Luis Miguel Ochoa Says:

    Well done. Do you have high-res images of the Phoenix Wright card for download?

    If you take requests, I’d be interested to see how you interpret Robin Hood.

    • Scott Thong Says:

      Well I do have the original GIMP file, so I can save it as a high res and send it to you. Feel free to use it.

      I haven’t been updating for a long time – just don’t have the time, and not as much motivation or inspiration now I’m not playing actively MtG.

  2. Luis Miguel Ochoa Says:

    Sounds great. You can send the high res file to bluefinancer [at] aol [dot] com

    • Scott Thong Says:

      Hm. I reopened the GIMP file and saved it at 100 (max), unfortunately all it does is increase the file size with no corresponding improvement in quality. I suppose it has to do with the low res components I used to stitch the card together.

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