Za Warudo

Za Warudo Magic Card

Za Warudo Magic Card

Couldn’t decide on the already-negative-imaged one, or the in-the-midst-of-negative-imaging-expanding-circle one. So both are above for now.

If you’re uninitiated, get a grip on the meme at Know Your Meme – Za Warudo/WRYYYYY. Apparently there are plenty other attempts at Magic-ing it into a card, some of them pretty balanced and in flavor.

The six mana cost may make you think this card works kind of like all the rest of the Time Warp and Time Stop effects, without actually giving you an extra turn. Or perhaps more like Silence. With a free Cascaded card to boot.

The key difference is that, just like the way Dio uses it, Za Warudo can be used offensively to lock downall the opponent’s spells, creatures and assorted defenses, allowing you to smash his face in. Figuratively, of course. (To my mind, Lightmine Field is the closest representation of Hierophant Green‘s tripwires that launch Emerald splashes when touched.)

I’m toying with the idea of bringing Muda muda, the knives, and WRYYYYYY into the Cascade chain so that they come off as a continuous series of attacks.

But for now, have some Za Warudo! WRYYYYYY! Muda muda muda muda muda! nonsense below the fold:

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