About Magic: The Lollering

You’ve probably noticed by now that the majority of this blog is made-up Magic: The Gathering cards.

I’m into Magic: The Gathering. Puns come preternaturally to me – hey don’t hate, the official game is full of lame puns like Squee’s Toy and Foresee (look at the art and flavor text). And I like Net culture and memes. So I suppose this is the horrific, Simic-ish result.

The cards mocked up here are first and foremost meant to be amusing, as well as fitting the flavor of their respective source material. However, I also try to make the cards actually playable no matter how much of a dig, prod or snark they may be.

So no epicly imba offerings like the plentiful Chuck Norris cards, nor cards that are full of flavor but make absolutely no sense in-game like lolcats. Not that Steamflogger Boss is any better.

No matter how tempting. So even even Edward or the Beeb are fully playable.


Images modified using the excellent and free GIMP 2.0. Drop the creator a donation (if not to me!).

Magic: The Gathering card images used as templates from Gatherer.

If you’re new to Magic and want to start playing, I suggest Xbox360, PS3 or PC game Duels of the Planeswalkers – my mom picked up Magic from scratch playing it. Steam should have it on sale several times in the year.

From there you can graduate to real life cardboard Magic, or else Magic Online.

Inspirations include most of the links on the Blogroll.

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