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Nami, Cat Burglar

December 10, 2010

One Piece Nami Magic Card

First up is Nami. Let’s see… She’s a navigator; greedy, cunning and manipulative; a slipery thief; and has excellent knowledge of the weather… Blue in a cinch.

For this iteration, I chose her thief aspects. For those in the know, ‘Cat Burglar’ is just the label given by the Marines. She’s about as genetically feline as DC’s Catwoman, so is not a Cat creature type along the lines of Kha or Leonin. The Japanese form of the epithet can also mean man stealer.

As I mentioned before, the watermark in the background (in this case, the Straw Hat Pirates jolly roger) has significance to gameplay… We’ll learn about that in a little bit.

Art image from One Piece Wallpaper.

One Piece expansion symbol modified from here.

One Piece Expansion Set

December 10, 2010

I’m a big fan of manga and anime series One Piece, so I’ve been thinking up Magic card representations of the various characters.

In order to distinguish between the different crews (and the Marines, Baroque Works, etc) I added a Scars of Mirrodin style watermark to the text box. Each crew has its own unique gameplay elements, wich we’ll explore when the time is right. Special ‘tips & tricks’ style cards will explain each crew’s attributes.

This time, the cards not only have to fit the theme of the character they are based on. Being based on One Piece, they have to have that particular cool factor as well (or in the case of certain individuals, the lol factor). And like the rest of the cards here, they still need to be neither overpowered nor junk.

So if you’re a fellow One Piece otaku, do forgive if the creations here fall short of Oda’s high standards in any way!