A Gentleman Armor

Team Fortress 2 Heavy Magic Card

I kept the 6 mana cost, equip cost and p/t boost to keep its identification with its inspiration as close as possible. Whereas Karn’s armor destroys, Heavy’s tasteful adornments protect by demanding that every spell aimed at his team give fair warning… Comrades. (The alternative would be to have the opponent ask permission in a genteel method of speech before every move, which is more of an Unglued mechanic.)

Plus, Heavy just looks like someone who could nicely fit a +6/+6 set of armor. Probably weighs more than pre-planeswalker fatty Karn too what with all the Sandviches.

And if you’re wondering how a top hat and monocle can count as ‘armor’, then you have the wrong idea… The armor is actually the aura of respectability and reputability surrounding one who boasts such refined apparel. Such is the irreroachable example set by the wearer of such regalia, that scallywags and ragamuffins are compelled to temporarily suspend their unscrupulous activities when in the presence of one so gentlemanly.

Inspired by the meme on Halolz, particularly this and this. Hat and monocle skins for Team Fortress 2 by Barlim.


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