December 9, 2010

Rickroll Magic Card

Click here for an explanation of what Rickrolling is.

Lol sorry! Here’s the actual explanation at Know Your Meme: Rickroll.

Bards and Singers are often Shaman type in Magic.

And some lols on Comixed, Fail Blog and Very Demotivational.

A Gentleman Armor

December 8, 2010

Team Fortress 2 Heavy Magic Card

I kept the 6 mana cost, equip cost and p/t boost to keep its identification with its inspiration as close as possible. Whereas Karn’s armor destroys, Heavy’s tasteful adornments protect by demanding that every spell aimed at his team give fair warning… Comrades. (The alternative would be to have the opponent ask permission in a genteel method of speech before every move, which is more of an Unglued mechanic.)

Plus, Heavy just looks like someone who could nicely fit a +6/+6 set of armor. Probably weighs more than pre-planeswalker fatty Karn too what with all the Sandviches.

And if you’re wondering how a top hat and monocle can count as ‘armor’, then you have the wrong idea… The armor is actually the aura of respectability and reputability surrounding one who boasts such refined apparel. Such is the irreroachable example set by the wearer of such regalia, that scallywags and ragamuffins are compelled to temporarily suspend their unscrupulous activities when in the presence of one so gentlemanly.

Inspired by the meme on Halolz, particularly this and this. Hat and monocle skins for Team Fortress 2 by Barlim.

Za Warudo

December 7, 2010

Za Warudo Magic Card

Za Warudo Magic Card

Couldn’t decide on the already-negative-imaged one, or the in-the-midst-of-negative-imaging-expanding-circle one. So both are above for now.

If you’re uninitiated, get a grip on the meme at Know Your Meme – Za Warudo/WRYYYYY. Apparently there are plenty other attempts at Magic-ing it into a card, some of them pretty balanced and in flavor.

The six mana cost may make you think this card works kind of like all the rest of the Time Warp and Time Stop effects, without actually giving you an extra turn. Or perhaps more like Silence. With a free Cascaded card to boot.

The key difference is that, just like the way Dio uses it, Za Warudo can be used offensively to lock downall the opponent’s spells, creatures and assorted defenses, allowing you to smash his face in. Figuratively, of course. (To my mind, Lightmine Field is the closest representation of Hierophant Green‘s tripwires that launch Emerald splashes when touched.)

I’m toying with the idea of bringing Muda muda, the knives, and WRYYYYYY into the Cascade chain so that they come off as a continuous series of attacks.

But for now, have some Za Warudo! WRYYYYYY! Muda muda muda muda muda! nonsense below the fold:

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The Joker

December 7, 2010

The Joker Magic Card

I intentionally used the Revised Edition style as a template this time round. For some reason, Joker just seems to suit the retro look of the pre-4th Edition cards. The text is up to current standards, however. You can compare the old style here with the modern style of Edward. And that’s a Joker Awesome Smiley, his rarity is supposed to be Mythic though. Or maybe Promotional.

I just thought up this card on the spot, maybe because I’ve been playing Batman: Arkham Asylum (that’s the art of Joker from that game’s character profiles on the card if you noticed).

The mechanic fits perfectly with Joker’s flavor as an unpredictable, psychotic mastermind with a penchant for insidious plans that even The Detective can’t figure out until the grand reveal.

Due to the ‘exile at end of turn’ clause, you can’t simply use him to dump Eldrazi into play. This limits his use to his intended role, that of fetching the pieces of a game-winning combo (no matter what colours they might be) and popping it for the win. He can also be used as a desperation-tactic tutor for answers in a pinch (e.g. grabbing and then playing All is Dust in response to a Genesis Wave for 8, or maybe just spamming Lava Axes – totally not his style!).

You can run him with lots of life gain or life steal, or perhaps ways to untap him so that you can pop the combo in one turn as soon as he can tap.

I did seriously consider making his ability use counters to simplify the mechanic, as follows:

Tap, Pay 5 life: Put a Plot counter on The Joker.

Tap, Remove all Plot counters from The Joker: For each Plot counter removed in this way, search your library for a card and reveal it, then shuffle your library afterwards. You may play those cards without paying their mana costs this turn. At end of turn, exile those cards.

However, that opens him up to Proliferate abuse. And it’s cooler to have the opponent clearly see the three or so cards sitting face down on Joker, making them sweat with nervous anticipation as to what horrible crime he is setting up.

As for the comics/animated version of the Joker, I’m cooking up something. We’ll see how he turns out.

Phoenix Wright & Miles Edgeworth

December 6, 2010

Phoenix Wright Magic Card

Objection Magic Card

Miles Edgeworth Magic Card

Hold It Magic Card

The Ace Attorney series has long been a staple of gamer memes, but this batch was most recently inspired by this guest comic at Dueling Analogs.

Phoenix and Miles are skilful lawyers on their own, but if they were ever on the same team the Take That!s would be phenomenal, you’d be lucky to get anything into play edgewise for the rest of the game. Oh and Hold It! is red because, Ricochet Trap. So there.

And yeah, they’re Advisors like most of the lawyerish creatures throughout MtG history (including a few from the Azorius Senate).

And as a bonus, animations of the instants modified from Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright Gifs:

Objection Magic Card gif

Hold It Magic Card gif

And my earliest introductions to Phoenix Wright lollery below the fold:

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