Optimus Prime, Autobot Leader

Transformers Optimus Prime Magic Card

Since the rules text is kinda small, here it is in larger font:

Optimus Prime, Autobot Leader
Legendary Artifact Creature – Golem
Other Golems you control get +2/+2.
4: Flip Optimus Prime, Autobot Leader.
“Autobots, transform and roll out!”

Truck Mode Optimus Prime
Legendary Artifact Creature – Juggernaut
Truck Mode Optimus Prime cannot block.
Other Juggernauts you control get +3/+0.
4: Flip Truck Mode Optimus Prime.

I just love the flavor of this card and the way all the pieces came together. This piece took a lot of time and effort, and I’m suitably proud of the way it turned out.

How do you represent form-changing Robots in Disguise as Magic cards? You could go the Chimeric Mass or Gargoyle Sentinel route where changing is a temporary activated ability.

Or you could go the odd flip cards from Kamigawa route as I did. The Kamigawa flipping mechanic is one way, representing ascending to a higher level. Since Prime’s tranformation is a two-way street, I gave both aspects of the card the ability to flip at any time. (Just don’t ask me to represent Sixshot as a card.)

His alt-mode is a Juggernaut because self-propelled wheeled artifacts of butt-kicking are that creature type in Magic. In either form, his leadership is represented by a bonus to other Autobots Golems or Juggernauts.

I was pleasantly surprised at how synergetic my thinking and that of Magic’s creators is, as I decided on Truck Optimus’ cannot-block clause and Juggernaut type before realizing that plenty other Juggernauts similarly either have to always attack or cannot block. (On an aside, I also thought up what is now know as Kicker completely independently from the Magic design team just months before Invasion was released. Mine was the decidedly less cool sounding keyword ‘Spellchange’.)

And yes, I was briefly tempted to name Optimus’ alt-mode TRUKK NOT MUNKY.

Finally, I’m an old-school Transformers follower, but I went the recent film iteration as it looks more ‘artifact-y’. Also, he favors melee combat.

That said however, I personally prefer the charms of various other incarnations, especially Beast and Animated lines.


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