Intolerable Abomination

Justin Bieber Magic Card

You have to have great confidence in your position to wipe the board and start pinging away with this monstrosity. About the same level of confidence in your gender identification if you’re a male who openly listens to her its his records.

The ultimate humiliation… Having your last 6 life chipped away by ‘The Beeb’ while your Eldrazi, Phyrexians, Nicol Bolas and even Progenitus ran screaming out of the game in sheer, terrorized disgust.

Wait, make that the penultimate humiliation. Actually putting him in your deck, ramping to Mass Polymorph and landing him on turn 4, and then dying seven turns later with nobody playing any other cards is what epic suckitude is made of.

Don’t end up driven insane yourself when you play him! Get a gradual innoculation at HERE, HERE and HERE.


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