Edward, the Sparkly

Twilight Edward Cullen Magic Card

Feel the hate! With his inconceivable amounts of sparkliness, every copy in every booster should be a foil card. Why is he a Fairie though? If you have to ask, you either don’t know Twilight or you don’t know what else fairy means.

Edward does have his uses… Tap out the opposing army while feeding your Vampires, including a bonus for your Blades of the Bloodchief (and Sengirs in Legacy format). Slap some sort of regeneration on him and soon even those who have never heard of Twilight will start to loathe him with the loathing of a thousand blacksuns (see what I did there, Twilight?).

But why wait till then? Introduce your soon-to-be-former friends to HERE, HERE and HERE. and let them fully appreciate the sparklyness of Twilight-brand vampires.


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